November 24, 2014

Guidelines for the Practice of Telemedicine by Physicians

The  Federation of State Medical Boards has created a draft report titled "Model Policy for the Appropriate Use of Telemedicine Technologies in the Practice of Medicine - a Report of the State Medical Boards’ Appropriate Regulation of Telemedicine (SMART) Workgroup."

The key items listed in the draft report:
  • The identity of the provider and patient must be clearly established.
  • The provider must be appropriately licensed in the state where the patient is located.
  • A patient-doctor relationship must be established
  • Follow-up and emergency care must be arranged.
  • Appropriate informed consent.
  • Medical record keeping
  • Patient privacy needs to be maintained
This is a good place to start when looking into the utilization of telemedicine and is an important reference.

Read the draft report here